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Price Increase on QSA Global Products

Not all news is good news, including the news we received last week that prices on QSA Global products are going up. We understand that the decision to make these changes is not made lightly, unfortunately the present-day environment of doing business makes it necessary.

Just the same, we are going to do what we can to buffer you against it. We don’t want to spring it on you. Instead we are going to hold it at bay. Price increases will be put on hold until February 3, 2020. That gives you just under two weeks to make your source purchases, or any Sentinel brand purchases for that matter, at today’s price. Give us a call and we can help you with your order.

2020 Source Special

To help soften the blow, be sure to take advantage of our 2020 Source Special. For every Ir-192, Se-75 or Co-60 source that is purchased at IR during the year 2020, you will receive maintenance on a Sentinel
1075 SCARpro, 880 Series or Sentry Cobalt 330/110 at time of source swap, for a reduced price of $150. That’s half off our regular price.

The 2020 Source Special is available at either of our locations in Edmonton or Burlington. Give us a call at 855-737-2689 to set up a time, or email us at