SciAps Z-902-C Analyzer

The SciAps Z-902C is a dedicated NDT/PMI analyzer for carbon content and a wide range of alloys and alloy bases. It features 2 spectrometers (instead of one in the 901) to extend the spectral range down to 190 nm with high resolution, specifically to measure carbon content in steels, stainless and other alloys.

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The Z-902 is the analyzer of choice globally for the measuring carbon content in alloys, and carbon equivalents. It is also factory calibrated for a suite of 15-20 elements in 7 common alloy bases: aluminum, steel, stainless, nickel, cobalt, titanium and copper bases. Additional bases or calibrations may be added by the factory or the user.  Similar to SciAps XRF (X-ray) platform, the (laser) series features sleek ergonomic design, a 0.5 lb. weight reduction down to about 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg), improved heat dissipation, and completely updated software and processing electronics.


SciAps LIBS analyzers are widely accepted by most major pipeline owner/operators or their NDT contractors as an alternative to spark  OES testing or off-site laboratory results. There are hundreds of SciAps LIBS units in the field for pipeline analysis. Included with the analyzer is a recommended testing procedure that incorporates sample preparation and certified reference materials for quality assurance validation.

The instrument features include an internal camera for precise targeting of analysis locations, especially welds; a macro camera for photo-documentation of samples, reading barcodes and
QR codes; a patented “sample sensor” that allows Class 1 operation (subject to LSO approval); intuitive Android operating system and app-based software; high-resolution, rear-facing display
for easy results viewing; rugged metal body for maximum durability; a tapered, narrow snout for welds or difficult-to-access test locations; full-featured report generation and cloud data
management; and user-replaceable argon that provides hundreds of tests at pennies per test.


The SciAps Z-902C uses laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) for elemental analysis of alloys. The Z-902 platform features OPTi-Purge™ integrated, user-replaceable argon purge technology for improved precision on all elemental lines compared to air-based analysis. Class 3b laser source (1064nm, 3-6mJ) with 50 um diameter beam and 50 Hz operation including rapid sample cleaning to reduce the need to grind or clean sample surfaces. Internal sample presence sensor allows for operation of device under Class 1 conditions, subject to local LSO approval.

Z-902 Carbon also includes a high resolution spectrometer for a spectral range of 190 – 420 nm. Integrated camera allows for easy viewing of tests by operators, and assures good burns for curved or small pieces. A macro camera is also included that provides photo documentation of materials being tested, reads barcodes and QR codes. Settable, one dimensional beam rastering for testing wires, inclusions or material veins. Weighing just 3.9 lbs with battery and 2.7” high brightness rear facing display for easy results viewing. Google-powered, Apps-based Android operating system provides Smartphone level simplicity and intuitive operation. Wireless, Bluetooth, and GPS built in for easy connectivity to other devices.

Carbon App: Alloy Bases and Pre-calibrated Elements Included: Iron Base: C, Al, Si, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Cu, Ni, Nb, Mo, W, Pb

Pipeline App: includes optimized calibration for carbon and carbon equivalents (CE), pre-set test protocol and quality assurance checks, including type standardization materials for CE values between 0.4 and 0.5. Control standards specific to API 5L pipeline alloys.