We recognize that the regulatory requirements of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) for operating an NDT business is a lot of work.  It can take you away from your day-to-day business, and that of course can affect your success with current and upcoming projects.  Plus, there is the concern that the information you provide during the licence application or renewal process is not quite what is required.  It’s a stressor that you just don’t need when your primary focus should be meeting your client’s needs.  That’s why IR Supplies and Services offers consulting services to guide you through the process.

Consulting services at IR by Paynter Solutions not only provides you with expert advice, but it also takes you through every step from getting to know your business to helping you make the final submission.  The result gives you peace of mind.  You can rest assure that it’s a tried-and-true service based on years of experience and on-going attention to today’s requirements.

There are two levels of service available at IR: CNSC licence application and CNSC licence renewal.

CNSC Licence Application (812 – Industrial Radiography)

Paynter Solutions provides a turn-key solution for companies applying for a CNSC licence. They will work with you to complete your application and provide all of the necessary manuals, programs, and training materials.  There are three levels of service to select from: basic, full and premium. 

Complete CNSC Licence Application X X X
Radiation Safety Manual X X X
Site Specific Security Plan X X X
All Required Forms X X
Training Materials (radiation safety, TDG, security awareness) X X
Dosimetry Service Application X
First Annual Compliance Report X
Branded Online Forms X

CNSC Licence Renewal

This service provides an efficient and cost-effective solution that includes updates to your radiation safety manual.  The result is unique to your business and something that you can count on to meet the CNSC safety needs.

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