About Us

IR: The Leading NDT Supplier in Canada

We’re the trusted source for industrial radiography and NDT equipment in Canada. Not only do we supply the top NDT products and brands, we perform our own non-destructive testing research and offer clients NDT training and education, maintenance and repair, and equipment calibrations – with detailed records and reports kept on file.

We frequently act as development consultants to make sure leading companies create products that can perform under Canada’s varying climates. We’ve contributed to the build of some great products, including the Carestream Health HPX-PRO weld quality CR system.

IR leverages both outside partners and internal capabilities to bring the most comprehensive and high-quality NDT equipment to customers. Our own R & D department manufactures Exposure, our in-house line.

From exposure devices to collimators to the latest technology in personal dosimeters; along with fluorescent magnetic particle and film viewers, we have it all.

Service Centre

Our goal is to add value to your equipment for as long as its lifespan. From warranty, maintenance and repairs, we make sure that you get the best value for your money. Our Service Centre is a comprehensive one-stop shop for all your NDT equipment needs. If we can’t replace it or fix it, we work with the manufacturer on your behalf.

Visit our Services and Client Support section to learn more about our services, warranties, and shipping and handling policies.

Interested In Becoming a Supplier?

We’re always looking for new manufacturers and products to add to our online shop. Please contact us to discuss opportunities.