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Back to School at IR

CEDO Training this Fall


Back to school season is just around the corner and at IR we are gearing up to share three great learning opportunities with you:





September 19, 2022                        CEDO Refresher Course

September 20, 2022                        CEDO Exam Preparation Course

October 17 to 21, 2022                   CEDO Course

All three courses, which are exclusive to IR, are provided with instruction by Dave Paynter.  All are live with two being virtual and one in-person at our Edmonton location.  Read on below for more details.  Course outlines, pricing and registration can be found at this link.

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Web Orders Just Got Easier

Shop Online with a Purchase Order

Buying every day, consumable items off the IR website has been a convenience for those who make their purchases with credit cards. They have the option to ship or pick their purchase up at either our Edmonton or our Burlington location. Unfortunately, those who purchase with purchase orders have not been able to shop online with us.  Those clients have been missing out on the convenience, speed and 24/7 ability to get what they need. Now that has changed!

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Prices on the Rise

Summer 2022 is proving to be the start of the challenges to doing business that have been predicted for some time now.  That’s added to the ongoing challenges that we always face.  Inflation, driven by higher interest rates and commodity prices, such as oil and other raw materials, is now taking effect.  Pair that with supply chain disruption, which we have seen since the early days of Covid, and it suddenly becomes real.  We are starting to feel its effects in the rise in shipping costs and the increase in product pricing that is flowing through from our manufacturers.  Our challenge as NDT’s top supplier in Canada is to find ways in which we can soften the blow to you.  As always, you have our commitment to have your back.  We are constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance your business and allow you to maximize your profits given the situations we face.

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Meet Ian Hewitt

New Addition to Team IR

We are pleased to announce the addition of Ian Hewitt, Sales Representative, who will be joining the team at IR.  Ian will be focusing on the entire product portfolio, including our SciAps line of products.  We’ve seen incredible growth in demand for the SciAps analyzers, as NDT takes advantage of their superior technology provided in a lightweight, handheld option.  Beyond NDT, we have been introducing this great technology to the recycling, mining, environmental, along with many other industries.  The word is getting out and we are here to support that.

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Ultrasonics at IR: Where Expertise Meets Availability

You know that IR is all about NDT.  We supply and we service.  That includes most of the disciplines, and ultrasonics is a very big part of that.  We’ve been in the business of ultrasonics for several years now.  As always, our primary focus is on you, our client, and your NDT needs.  We take the time to understand those needs and provide you with the solutions that help you build your business.  That includes great products, and expert service.  We do this by supplying top brands and taking the time to create strategies so that market demands can be met.  When it comes to supply chain challenges, we are paying attention and putting plans into place so that you get what you need when you need it. Continue reading Ultrasonics at IR: Where Expertise Meets Availability

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Old Cobalt Devices

Important Notification

We recently received notification from QSA Global that their regulatory group may NOT be renewing the type A transport certificates on some devices. The type B certificates for these particular devices have already expired. This is important as it may mean future restrictions for the eventual disposal of the device and source. The specific devices that will be affected are:

680A, 680B, 680AE, 680BE
741A, 741B, 741AE, 741BE
676A, 676B, 676AE, 676BE

Note: The 676 no longer has either a type A or B transportation certificate.

If you have one of these devices, please contact us at, so that we can be sure to provide you with the specifics when we receive them.


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Get Ahead of the Price Increases

Regrettably, at the beginning of each year we get word from some of our manufacturers that there will be price changes. In 2022 much of this has been driven by an increase in the cost of materials along with higher shipping costs. In times of inflation and supply chain challenges that is inevitable. It’s something that affects us all and we are never happy to share that news. Amidst this, we continue to give you our commitment to provide the best possible solutions. Keeping our margins slim is one of them. Another of those solutions comes to us from our partners who provide us a heads up a few weeks before the price increases come into effect.


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JME Digital RTR Demo in Edmonton

Let’s start the year right.

We’re starting 2022 right with a special opportunity for those wishing to get the information they need to bring their business up a notch.  We are offering five, half-day sessions of a live, FREE demo on the JME DXB1 digital x-ray buggy.  The DXB1 system is capable of capturing digital radiographs not only on pipelines but in a variety of applications. The acquired radiographs meet all required standards including ISO Class A & B and ASME requirements.  Participation is by advanced registration only. Sessions will be held on January 18, 19 & 20.  That’s only two weeks away, so we’ll need to hear from you right away.

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