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Press Release: Creative Electron


April 7, 2021

IR Supplies and Services Announces New Partnership with Creative Electron

Expanding World-class  X-rays Solutions to Canadian Industries

Edmonton, Alberta—IR Supplies and Services is pleased to announced their partnership with Creative Electron, an industry leader in X-ray systems.   Together they offer organizations across Canada the tools to ensure inspections are done at the highest standard, a standard that results in quality output.  X-ray cabinets manufactured by Creative Electron are offered in four main formats that can be customized to each client’s needs. 

“IR has always been focused on bringing premium brands to our clients,” commented Robert Muschket, President of IR.  “Providing clients with products that meet their needs is our priority.  Since opening our Burlington location we have been able to expand our product line for clients who require solutions beyond what we have traditionally offered.  The products developed by Creative Electron do just that—offers new solutions.”

Bill Cardoso, founder and CEO of Creative Electron, expands on the Canadian-focused partnership. “At Creative Electron, we pride ourselves on partnering with companies that are leaders in their fields.  That’s why we are so excited to join forces with IR, a team so well aligned with our vision of solving commercial and industrial challenges with first-in-class X-ray inspection tools.  We see IR as an extension of our ability to actually understand and resolve customer problems rather than just selling boxes”

Creative Electron manufactures their X-ray inspection systems at their home office in San Marcos, California.  This North American solution ensures quality controls are maintained at the highest level.  It means that customizations can be easily executed with direct communications with the IR-CE team.

Ed Cabral, Director of Advanced Equipment, Training & Services at IR, the primary contact for businesses interested in discovering more about the Creative Electron cabinets, sees the partnership as a natural extension of the IR offering. “Today’s inspection and manufacturing in countless industries are becoming more and more complex.  It requires advanced technology that helps ensure processes result in maintaining high standards.  Safety is paramount.”

More about the Creative Electron cabinets can be found on the IR website at

About IR Supplies and Services: IR Supplies and Services has been a trusted source for NDT equipment in Canada since 2004.  They supply top products and brands, perform non-destructive testing research, provide NDT training courses and perform maintenance, repair, and equipment calibrations. IR leverages both outside partners and internal capabilities to bring the most comprehensive and high-quality NDT equipment to clients.




About Creative Electron: Founded in 2008, Creative Electron offers first in class X-ray inspection solutions designed and manufactured in the USA.  Their worldwide customer base includes business in all stages of development, from garage start-ups to the Fortune 50.  Creative Electron manufactures high performance, off the shelf and custom X-ray inspection systems used for quality assurance, material conformity, and counterfeit detection in a wide range of applications in different industries like non-destructive testing, electronic manufacturing, sporting goods, fashion, aerospace, military, and others.  

SOURCE IR Supplies and Services

For further information contact: Barbara Daley, Marketing Manager, IR Supplies and Services,, 780-974-5764.


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IR is Now ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We are pleased to announce that IR Supplies and Services has been certified as an ISO 9001:2015 company.  What does this mean to you?  It means that we adhere to high industry standards so that we can serve you in the best possible way.  It means that we can continue to fulfill our mission statement to place the needs of the client above all else by providing exceptional NDT products and services from industry leaders and innovators, and supporting those products and services in every possible way.  That has always been our focus, but now we are committed to meeting it according to even more stringent criteria.

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Book Review: Practical Field Handbook in Industrial Radiography and Radiography Interpretation

By Brian Sargent, Co-owner, IR Supplies and Services

Several months ago, when I found out about Dr. Rehman’s and Mr. Jaques’ new publication, Practical Field Handbook in Industrial Radiography and Radiography Interpretation, I immediately inquired to George about obtaining a copy. In my years as a radiographer I had never come across Dr. Rehman but I did hear the name George Jaques. George’s name came up from time to time as he steadily became a regarded and respected authority within our NDT community. In 2012 George become a CGSB level lll where he excelled as an auditor in radiography working for the likes of RTD as their level lll in Fort McMurray, and later as a consultant to Suncor, Syncrude, Enbridge, CNRL, Kinder Morgan, TransCanada and many more.

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Digital Radiography Training for NDT

The lineup of industry-related courses that we make available to you continues to grow. Bringing you access to the knowledge and skills shared by industry leaders is a big part of that. Preparing you for the increasing demands and advanced technology now found in NDT is a priority that we share.

We are pleased to introduce the new Digital Radiography Training for NDT course facilitated by Carestream, which will be held at our Edmonton location on April 20 to 24.

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Industrial Radiography RSO Course

We are pleased to introduce a new course that we have added to our lineup for training at IR: the Industrial Radiography RSO Course.

The course, which will be held at our Edmonton location on April 27 to 30, 2020, is for everyone who is or would like to become a radiation safety officer (RSO) for industrial radiography licenses issued by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). Participants will receive in-depth and
comprehensive instruction on the practical and technical elements required to run an effective radiation protection program.

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Price Increase on QSA Global Products

Not all news is good news, including the news we received last week that prices on QSA Global products are going up. We understand that the decision to make these changes is not made lightly, unfortunately the present-day environment of doing business makes it necessary.

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