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QSA Global Hand Crank Control

Great…better…get it.


IR has made the hand crank controls from QSA Global available for over 10 years. It’s a great product. The lightweight handle makes it easy to manage. It’s perfectly suited for many jobs. But it has a weak point. Unfortunately, because the handle is made from plastic, it does not always stand up to the extreme conditions found on Canadian pipelines. Because of that, we often had them in for repairs. That’s not the high standard we want for you. Fortunately, a solution to that has now been found. Continue reading QSA Global Hand Crank Control

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Sensor Networks DHT-400 Ultrasonic Transducer

Sensor Networks is hitting it out of the park with the latest in products that they just announced.  They’ve taken a type of transducer that is in high demand, fashioned a version that meets their exacting standards, and brought it to market at a price you’ll love.  Introducing the DHT-400 ultrasonic transducer.  This high-temperature, dual-element transducer is going to be a hit.

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Magnaflux at IR: Lowest Price Guaranteed

We’ve been selling Magnaflux at IR Supplies and Services for years.  It’s a brand that we offer with pride.  The quality is something you can count on.  Plus they work closely with us to ensure we always have ample stock to meet your needs.  Not only that, as their long-time partner, we are an authorized Magnaflux repair and service centre.  So that supplies and services…it’s what IR is known for. 

But did you know that you can count on us for the best in pricing?  That’s right.  We offer Magnaflux at the lowest price in Canada.  We guarantee it.  If you find any Magnaflux product that we sell, anywhere else in Canada for a lower price, we will match it without hesitation–that’s assured.* 

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Introducing Bob Barrett

In case you missed the news, Bob Barrett joined IR Supplies and Services recently and we want to be sure you knew about this great new addition to our team.  Bob comes to us with 45 years of experience selling industrial process control equipment.  He is well known to a wide range industries in eastern Canada, where he has developed deep relationships.

Bob tells us his decision to join IR is simple.  “I’ve always believed in the customer first approach to sales.  It’s something that I see is ingrained in the IR philosophy.”  Bob’s right.  It’s the essence of our mission statement. We believe in going the extra mile for our clients.

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Consulting Services Now at IR

We pride ourselves on being the go-to resource for all of your NDT needs.  You’ve come to count on us for quality products from innovative brands.  Our in-house service of those products is second to none.  Our goal is to be your one-stop destination for all things NDT and we are always exploring more ways to do that.  It starts with really knowing your business.  We want to know where you need extra support.  With that in mind, we are pleased to announce a new service offered at IR.  Introducing our new consulting services by Paynter Solutions.

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Beat the Price Increase

Some months back we promised you we would let you know if one of the products that we carry was affected by the supply chain issues being experienced throughout the world.  Regrettably we have such news and will soon be experiencing a price increase on some of the Magnaflux products.   The change will be effective July 1.  Since getting word, we’ve been scrambling to find a way to reduce the hit to you.  Between now and then, we invite you to beat the price increase.  Take the time to stock up on what you need so that you can take advantage of today’s pricing. 



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Welcome Glenn Snell to IR

Great news!  An addition has been made to the IR team.  We are pleased to announce that Glenn Snell has joined us as director of sales.  Glenn’s role will be to provide leadership to the IR sales team.  Under him, we see an already talented group of individuals, who have deep skillsets and broad experiences, not only continue to excel but to thrive.  Glenn will be a key component in helping us to offer the best in NDT solutions to you.  IR is growing, and Glenn will be a key part of that. Continue reading Welcome Glenn Snell to IR

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Press Release: Creative Electron


April 7, 2021

IR Supplies and Services Announces New Partnership with Creative Electron

Expanding World-class  X-rays Solutions to Canadian Industries

Edmonton, Alberta—IR Supplies and Services is pleased to announced their partnership with Creative Electron, an industry leader in X-ray systems.   Together they offer organizations across Canada the tools to ensure inspections are done at the highest standard, a standard that results in quality output.  X-ray cabinets manufactured by Creative Electron are offered in four main formats that can be customized to each client’s needs. Continue reading Press Release: Creative Electron