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Trade In Today and Pay Later

For a Limited Time Only

As we gear up for the IPEIA conference, our thoughts go to being able to offer you a promotion while we are there.  We put our heads together and not only did we come up with something great, but we came up with two great things!  We’re offering you an opportunity to trade in today and pay later.  Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Trade in your current SciAps Z-200C LIBS analyzer for a Z-902C at a discounted price.
  2. Sure, it’s nice to have something new, especially at a discount, but there are other advantages to trading in your old Z-200C LIBS analyzer too.
  • Receive a new calibration certificate…a $5,000 value.
  • Expand your business opportunities; the Z-902C is written into more procedures than ever before.
  • Start fresh with a new warranty.
  • Benefit from the latest technological advancements including a built-in laser.
  • Reduce downtime with newer equipment that is less prone to breakdown.
  • Achieve employee satisfaction; who doesn’t like working with new equipment?
  • Increase asset value and long-term financial stability.

What’s better than a trade-in for new equipment at a discounted price?  Not having to pay for 90 days!  We told you it was a great promotion.

This offer is available while we are at the IPEIA conference, which ends on February 29, 2024.  Come see us at booth #46 to talk about getting started.  Can’t make it to the conference?  We’re offering this great deal between now and the conference too.  Contact us and get going by visiting our website at

Financing for Carestream & Sonatest Products Too

While we were on the topic, we decided that we didn’t want clients interested in Sonatest and Carestream products to miss out.  That’s why we are extending the 90-day-don’t-pay for the purchase of some of those products too.  The Carestream HPX-PRO digital CR system, HPX-1 Plus digital CR system, and the Carestream HPX-DR detectors are included in the deal.  So are the Sonatest WAVE interactive flaw detector, D-70 flaw detector and the Veo3 phased array flaw detector.  We’ll have many of these units on hand at IPEIA, so that we can talk about which solution is best for you.  Again, you only have until the end of the conference on February 29th to take advantage of this special offer.  You can find us at booth #46 in the exhibitor area.  We don’t want you to miss out.