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New Requirements for Transportation of Dangerous Goods

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Transport Canada has introduced a new requirement in which organizations engaged in the transportation of dangerous goods (TDG) must register with Transport Canada. The Client Identification Database (CID) will be used by Transport Canada to better assess risk, enhance overall safety measures, and facilitate effective communication and collaboration between Transport Canada and registered persons or organizations.

Those who import, offer for transport, handle or transport dangerous goods at a site they own or operate in Canada have until October 6, 2024, to be registered in the database. This new requirement will impact almost all industrial radiography companies transporting type A or B packages.

Join IR for a free half hour webinar on Monday, April 29th, at 12:30 PM MST to learn about the new regulations and the registration requirements for industrial radiography companies. Reserve your spot by registering online here.

About the Presenter

The presenter for this webinar is David Paynter, BSc, CRSP. Dave has over ten years of experience with radiation safety and regulations, and is a holder of Canadian Registered Safety Professional certification. Before moving into the private sector in 2013, Dave worked for several years as a CNSC inspector and a Class 7 TDG inspector. He has first-hand experience in a safety role having worked as the RSO for one of the largest industrial radiography licences in Canada from 2013 to 2019. We are very pleased to be able to bring Dave and the expertise he has to share, to IR.

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