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Agfa on the way! 

Accepting orders now.

The acquisition of our newest location in Quebec has resulted in a whirlwind of excitement at IR.  Not only have we brought a talented team of individuals on board, but we’ve been working feverishly behind the scenes to ensure the clients will experience a seamless transition of their business to IR.  One of the most exciting parts of that transition is to ensure the Agfa brand of products continues to be available to them. 

IR Now Carries Agfa

Agfa is the perfect complement to our already exceptional line of products.  It means that we can truly be the one stop for all your NDT shopping.  To ensure your needs are met, we’ve placed a significant order.  Our partners at Waygate are working diligently to fulfill that initial Agfa order, and deliveries will soon be on their way.  Not only that, but we will place additional orders on a regular basis.  Right now, you can get on board for early shipments by contacting us.  Soon you will be able to make your orders online at too. 

Be ready for tomorrow.  Order today.

While we will have a significant order on its way, we want to be sure you get what you need.  We’ve already received strong interest and for that reason, we recommend you place your order right away.  If for some reason our first shipments sell before you contact us, we can be sure your order is added to an upcoming shipment.  That way you will get your product as soon as possible.

Ongoing Inventory

We are committed to being the stocking distributor of choice in Canada for Agfa product.  That starts with a very large initial inventory, which has already been ordered.  It is supported by replenishing that inventory frequently on an ongoing basis.  With this approach, over time, we will be able to confidently tell you, “We have stock!”

Stocking Agreements

For those who really plan ahead and have projections of your annual needs, we can put a special agreement in place.  That way we can be certain that we have what you need on hand for when you need it.  Ask us how.

We price match.

As with all our products, we will price match all Agfa products.  We do that because your business is important to us.  It’s a simple process to make it happen.  Just ask us.

More news next week!

We have so many exciting things going on at IR right now, that we decided to share news about them one at a time.  You won’t want to miss out on the special promotion that we will be announcing next week.  Be sure to check our LinkedIn and Facebook pages regularly.  No doubt you will agree that it’s news worth waiting for.