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IR Supplies and Services Teams up with Pine Environmental for NDT Equipment Rentals and Sales


June  6, 2023

Edmonton, Alberta–Pine Environmental Services LLC (Pine) and IR Supplies and Services (IR), are thrilled to announce their partnership marking a significant milestone in the NDT-RVI industry within the Canadian market. This collaboration is driven by a shared commitment to delivering exceptional NDT-RVI rentals for clients of IR as well as repairs, supplies, and services, and product acquisition. By pooling expertise and resources, Pine and IR will provide comprehensive solutions and unwavering support for the diverse needs of valued customers.

As the trusted and leading source for NDT supplies in Canada, IR goes beyond product distribution. With this partnership, both organizations expand capabilities to offer NDT research, training courses as well as maintenance, repair, and equipment calibrations. Leveraging the extensive network of external partners and internal expertise, they are dedicated to providing customers with the most comprehensive and high-quality NDT equipment and services available.

Maurice Eddy, Director of Operations and Sales for NDT-RVI, said this collaboration amplifies our ability to deliver advanced solutions to our customers and clients. With shared enthusiasm, we are confident that this partnership will generate significant value and drive innovation in the NDT field. Together, Pine and IR Supplies and Services are poised to lead the way in advancing the field of NDT, meeting the growing demand, and ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction in the Canadian market.

Graham Johnstone, Canada Regional Sales Operations Manager said, together, Pine and IR Supplies and Services are poised to lead the way in advancing the field of NDT-RVI, meeting the growing demand, and ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction in the Canadian market.

“We know that purchasing budgets for large capital expenditures can be tight for some businesses.  Having a rental solution available to our clients means that they can have access to a product for a short-term need.  It also means that they can test the product to confirm it is the right solution before making a large capital outlay”, explains Robbie VanHoek, vice president at IR.  “It’s a viable option for not only the SciAps analyzers that have become one of our top-selling products, but other high-value equipment as well.”

There are great plans afoot with the Pine/IR partnership, with more news to follow as the partnership evolves.

About IR Supplies and Services:

IR Supplies and Services has been a trusted source for industrial solutions across Canada since 2004. They supply top products and brands, perform research, provide training, and perform maintenance, repair, and equipment calibrations. IR leverages both outside partners and internal capabilities to bring the most comprehensive and high-quality equipment to clients.


About Pine:

Pine Environmental Services LLC (Pine) is North America’s leading equipment provider for Environmental Monitoring, Nondestructive Testing (NDT), Remote Visual Inspection (RVI), Safety, and Field Supplies. Pine was established in 1995 and provides state-of-the-art equipment for air & gas monitoring, water testing & monitoring, soil testing, sound & vibration monitoring, survey & telemetry monitoring, safety, emergency response, NDT, RVI, field supplies, and personal protective equipment (PPE).


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