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Digital Radiography Demo Days

New Technology.  New Opportunities.


How about some summer fun?  Fun if you like to learn more about some great products that can advance your radiography business that is.  On July 12 and 13 we will be hosting half-day demonstrations at our Edmonton location, featuring two of our newest digital radiography products: the JME DXB:1 Digital X-Ray buggy, and the Xpress Flex DR panel.

Wednesday and Thursday Morning – Two Sessions

On each morning we will be running demonstrations on the JME DXB:1 Digital X-Ray buggy.  The JME DXB:1 digital X-ray buggy is designed to produce high-quality panoramic digital radiographs of circumferential welds in applications such as new pipelines. As a versatile and configurable system, it can also be used in various non-pipeline applications, such as the inspection of tank walls or other ferrous metal structures.  The demos will give you a chance to discuss how it will fit into your business.  Choose one of the two sessions that best suits your availability.

Wednesday and Thursday Afternoon – Two Sessions

Afternoons will be dedicated to the Xpress Flex DR panel.  The Xpress Flex is the world’s first flexible digital X-ray detector that can be flexed across a surface for direct contact in the imaging area. Its hinged design allows the TFT detector to move freely while not impacting image quality or product durability. This flexibility means the detector can be shaped around more complex objects eliminating distortion that can come from using a flat DR panel.  This flex panel was only recently introduced to the market, so we are excited to be able to share it’s benefits with you.  Let us know if you prefer to join us on Wednesday or Thursday.

Enroll for one session or participate in both morning and afternoon sessions.  Lunch will be provided for those who will be with us for the full day.  Space is limited, so we ask that you register in advance to save your spot.  Contact Dani at 905-335-1377 or to set things up. 

Insider Information

Still reading?  Then here’s an insider tip just for you: at the demos we will be announcing a new financing plan for a select few products, some of which we will be demonstrating.  Think 0% financing.  Watch this space for details that will be announced in the coming days.  Can’t wait for the news?  Contact us for more information.