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Annual Price Increase is Around the Corner

Let’s Plan Ahead

Often, at the beginning of each year, we are notified of price increases for the many products that we offer. Whenever possible, we give you advanced warning so that you can take advantage of the previous year’s pricing while it is still available.

Well, it’s that time again.

We will be adjusting pricing on not only consumables, but on CapEx equipment as well. In the case of consumables, now is the best time to look at your upcoming projects, anticipate what you will need, and stock up. Don’t have time to come to our shop? Almost all our consumables can be purchased off our website. Want to make your purchase by PO? Our website is set up for that functionality. Simply contact us to have your online account upgraded, and you can get shopping right away.

When it comes to larger investments that you were thinking of making, we recommend you take the time to speak to one of our sales representatives right away. We are always here to help you find the right solution.

Most price changes will be in place on February 1.

0% Financing

In case you missed the message we sent out in December, we now have a 0% financing promotion* in place. It’s the perfect solution if you have plans for an equipment investment later this year but want to take advantage of today’s pricing. Simply contact us and we can get you started.

*Available on select equipment only.