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Web Orders Just Got Easier

Shop Online with a Purchase Order

Buying every day, consumable items off the IR website has been a convenience for those who make their purchases with credit cards. They have the option to ship or pick their purchase up at either our Edmonton or our Burlington location. Unfortunately, those who purchase with purchase orders have not been able to shop online with us.  Those clients have been missing out on the convenience, speed and 24/7 ability to get what they need. Now that has changed!

Introducing Web Shopping by PO

That’s right.  Now instead of entering a credit card number, buyers can enter a PO number.  To use this option, all you need is to have a Net 30 account in place with us.  It really is that easy.


Before we roll this great new feature out to everyone, we’d like to work with a few clients to ensure full functionality.  We’ve done extensive testing, but we want to get feedback from you about your firsthand experience.  You can be part of our Beta testing group.  In other words, let’s see how it goes…together.

What’s in it for you?  

So, what’s in it for the folks who volunteer to test the purchase-by-PO functionality on our website?  We will provide a $100 gift card for your personal use.  That’s right.  Take advantage of shopping efficiencies and get paid for it.  It doesn’t get better than that.

Sign me up!

If you want to shop online by PO…  If you have a few moments after your purchases to provide us with feedback…  And if you want a $100 gift card–just for you–email with the subject line Sign me up!  We can take it from there. This offer is limited to a few testers only, so don’t delay!