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Prices on the Rise

Summer 2022 is proving to be the start of the challenges to doing business that have been predicted for some time now.  That’s added to the ongoing challenges that we always face.  Inflation, driven by higher interest rates and commodity prices, such as oil and other raw materials, is now taking effect.  Pair that with supply chain disruption, which we have seen since the early days of Covid, and it suddenly becomes real.  We are starting to feel its effects in the rise in shipping costs and the increase in product pricing that is flowing through from our manufacturers.  Our challenge as NDT’s top supplier in Canada is to find ways in which we can soften the blow to you.  As always, you have our commitment to have your back.  We are constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance your business and allow you to maximize your profits given the situations we face.

Stock Up and Save

Only days ago, we were notified that the prices on Magnaflux products are going up.  Given our current environment, it was inevitable.  The good news is that we’ve always been ready for such an eventuality.  We plan ahead to ensure we have ample stock to meet our clients’ needs, several weeks out.  (There are some exceptions to this due to supply chain challenges.)  What does that mean to you?  It means we can hold off on the price increase to you.  It means you can have access to last month’s pricing, even though it has already increased.  Between now and Friday, June 17th, we are going to delay the price increase on prices of existing stock. We want to give you this chance to stock up and save.  Magnaflux products at IR can be purchased in-person at both our Edmonton and Burlington locations.  Can’t make it into our shops?  Buy online on our website.  Be sure to act now.  This special offer is only available while supplies last.

We Have Supply

Our Ardrox products are another brand that is affected by these challenges, and it’s impacted the price.  The good news is that we have ample supply available.  That means you have a few options available to you if you find you are running short on inventory.  Like all our consumables, you can purchase Ardrox products in-person, or on our website
Standard Sources are on their Way
For our RT clients, access to standard Iridium sources has been a significant game changer for 2022.  Together we’ve been successful in switching to enriched Ir192 (Ir192+).  It’s always been known as a superior source in many ways, but with that is a higher price, which may not be factored into your budget.  Fortunately for those who wish to switch back to standard, we’ve received word from QSA Global that it’s coming down the pipe.   Not surprisingly we’ve also received word that the price has increased.  To put it in perspective though, the cost will still be below that of Ir192+.  We are taking orders for standard sources now and encourage you to get your order in to avoid delays in delivery.

We’re Here to Serve You

Despite everything that is going on, our priority is you.  It’s you, your business, and the businesses you serve that we focus on.  Our goal is to support you in every possible way.  Have a concern?  Please let us know.  We are all ears.  We pride ourselves on being the best provider of supplies and services in our industry, and it’s something we can’t do without you.