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Ultrasonics at IR: Where Expertise Meets Availability

You know that IR is all about NDT.  We supply and we service.  That includes most of the disciplines, and ultrasonics is a very big part of that.  We’ve been in the business of ultrasonics for several years now.  As always, our primary focus is on you, our client, and your NDT needs.  We take the time to understand those needs and provide you with the solutions that help you build your business.  That includes great products, and expert service.  We do this by supplying top brands and taking the time to create strategies so that market demands can be met.  When it comes to supply chain challenges, we are paying attention and putting plans into place so that you get what you need when you need it.

Great Brands You Can Count On

When we initially made our way into the ultrasonics discipline, our first step was to identify brands that we could count on to provide great quality and reliable supply.  We made a point of partnering with manufacturers that would check all the boxes when it came to real, in-the-field use.  Some of those great brands include Sonatest, Sensor Networks, OKOndt Group, Magnaflux, and PH Tool to name a few.  And it doesn’t stop there.  We have ongoing discussions with other manufacturers that bring innovation to the market.  We know you are expected to bring the very best to your job, and it’s our mission to help you do that.

Products that You Use & Service You Can Count On

We supply anything from thickness gauges to flaw detectors along with calibration blocks, cables, transducers, couplants, and everything in between.  Plus, we service what we sell.  Our fully equipped service centres are staffed by individuals who have received in-depth training and have the experience to know how to help you with your equipment.  If for some reason we can’t offer you in-house service, we will put you in touch with someone who can.  It’s our commitment to you.

Spotlight on Sonatest

One of the great brands that we offer is Sonatest.  We feel their advanced equipment is unparalleled.  And we’re going to tell you how.  In the coming days we are going to put the spotlight on three of their premium ultrasonic units—the D-70, the WAVE and the Veo3.  Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook so that you can read up on the features and benefits that make them stand out from the rest.  We’ll be posting in the days before IPEIA in Jasper, where we would love to take some time out to give you an in-depth look at each of these units.  Will you be there?