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New Detector from Carestream

Carestream has done it again.  We know that we can count on them for bringing digital imaging to the next level, and their latest has done just that.  We are pleased to introduce the HPX-DR 4336 detector.

What makes this detector different from the others?   The HPX-DR 4336 GH detector features 100-micron image resolution for enhanced image clarity in a large format detector.  It’s designed for those looking to optimize productivity by capturing a broad range of parts at a higher resolution, while meeting demanding industry standards.  The HPX-DR 4336 high-resolution technology reduces exposure time and enables higher throughput.

Software that Keeps it Simple

Like all the Carestream NDT CR and DR products, the HPX-DR 4336 runs on the all-in-one INDUSTREX digital viewing software.  That means you don’t have to purchase costly add-on modules, thereby reducing cost and eliminating the need to learn and maintain multiple software platforms.  It’s one simple solution.


More efficient resource utilization based on reduced exposure times and higher throughput 100 micron image resolution for optimal image defect visibility Large format 43 x 36 detector allows for larger parts to be inspected in one shot Lightweight (9.5 lbs./4.3 kg.) and slim profile(15.5 mm) for ease-of-use in field imaging Designed and shielded for NDT applications

Just Ask Us

We’re always pleased to be able to bring new technology to market, and want to share the benefits of the HPX-DR 4336 with you.  To find out more click through to our website, or contact us for pricing.