JME CR2 Digital Test Box

The JME CR2 digital test box is designed to plug into any CR2 e-box via the e-box connector using an interconnecting cable. Through a simple control and interface method the test box can perform a variety of tests automatically at the touch of a button.

With visual feedback displayed directly on the test box, the user is able to quickly and efficiently identify any faults with the pipeline crawler system. Because of its compact size, a full range of tests can be performed on site, minimising down time and allowing the user to quickly replace faulty or damaged components.

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The CR2 digital test box simulates sending commands to the e-box to mimic live operation. Each of the following tests can be enabled/disabled to create a custom test routine.

•Motor Volts Check

•ARA Check

•AMAX Check

•Mag Switch Check


•End of Pipe Sensor Check

•Water Sensor Check

•Exposure Check

•Tube Over Heat Check



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