JME 24:CR2 Pipeline Crawler

The JME 24:CR2 Pipeline Crawler is specifically designed for non-destructive testing of circumferential butt welds in tubular installations such as oil and gas transmission pipelines.

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The second generation CR2 range is considered the world’s most technologically advanced NDT crawler system. The JME 24:CR2 Pipeline Crawler is robust and suitable for use in a wide range of challenging environmental conditions. Deployable in an internal diameter (ID) range between 22″ (558mm) and a maximum of 60″ (1524mm). Coupled with x-ray generators from Balteau, Yxlon and ICM, this system can produce internal panoramic single-wall-single-image (SWSI) radiographs of very high quality.

The crawler can be commanded using JME’s Magnetic Control System (Magnetope), or a conventional isotope control system, additional features are accessible using our brand new CR2 Remote Handset.

Remote Handset Features

  • Complete set-up of crawler and x-ray tube parameters
  • Real-time status of crawler while operating in the pipe, includes:
    • X-ray tube kV / mA
    • Exposure eime
    • Temperature
    • Battery levels
  • Remote operation of x-ray tube for increased safety
  • Ability to enable/disable key features Including:
    • Anti-runaway
    • Water sensors
    • End of pipe Sensors
    • Control System set-up
    • X-ray/gamma control

For more information see manufacturer’s datasheet: Datasheet – JME 24:CR2 Pipeline Crawler


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