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Shielding Testing for Healthcare Facilities

The JME portable X-Ray Betatron 7.5MeV is designed to produce high energy ionising radiation for industrial radiographic non-destructive testing.  It can penetrate 30 centimeters of steel or 1 metre of concrete.  Case study provided by JME Advanced Inspection Systems.


In the UK, facilities in which ionising radiation is used, are subject to The Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17). Under these regulations, employers are required to consult a Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) regarding the plans for any new or modified facilities and specifically the control measures which are implemented to ensure exposure to ionising radiation is kept as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP). Aurora has experience of providing this advice for all uses of ionising radiation in the healthcare sector, including proton beam therapy, traditional external beam radiotherapy, brachytherapy, nuclear medicine, radiopharmacies, medical isotope production facilities and diagnostic radiology equipment. Aurora uses the JME Portable X-Ray Betatron (PXB) System for Shielding Integrity Testing (SIT) within radiotherapy bunkers. SIT provides confidence to both the construction partner and the healthcare provider that the facility has been constructed in accordance with the design before it is handed over. SIT uses a mobile radioactive source, which allows more comprehensive testing than is possible with a fixed clinical source. The test source is chosen to match the shielding provided, which allows testing to take place even when adjacent spaces are occupied.


Why was a Betatron chosen for this particular application and what specification was used?

 It is powered from a standard single phase 230 volt electricity supply which is readily available on the client’s premises.

  • It is controllable, allowing the user to select higher or lower energy x-rays. This enables operator doses to be minimised and the x-ray output matched to the structure being examined.
  • It is easy to terminate an exposure in an emergency if required – in the event that an exposure needs to be terminated quickly, this is easily achieved with the control panel by either using the Emergency Stop (quick action – sharp tap to the Emergency Stop button) or switching off using the Betatron operating key.
  • It is reliable, producing a stable x-ray output with repeatable results across each energy range.
  • Completely portable and easily transported to a client’s premises.


Testing of the facility with the JME Betatron system produces x-ray transmission data. Typically, upwards of 100+ data points will be assessed dependent on the size of the structure and the nature of the clients’ requirements. The data is then analysed off-site and a ‘Shielding Integrity Test Report’ is produced.

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