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IR Introduces NRCan Exams Online

Available at Both Locations

Providing best-in-class training is something that we are proud of.  The instruction that is offered comes from experts who have deep knowledge and experience.  Feedback from past attendees tells us that the course content is right on the mark.  We are also told that the instruction methods truly meet our clients’ needs. Whether you are attending in-person at either our Edmonton or Burlington locations or choose to minimize time away from work by participating virtually, we have the solution.  Now, we’ve made a great thing even better.

We offer NRCan exams online, right here at IR.

What does this mean?  It means for those taking either the XRF or CEDO courses held at IR, there is no waiting for results.  You can take the exam immediately after the course is over, on the same day.  To be eligible for this added service, you must submit your application form to NRCan for approval in advance of the course.

Exam on the Day of the Course

Planning is essential though.  NRCan’s turnaround time to process an application form takes several weeks.  Because of this, we recommend you submit your application at least three months in advance of your course date. Your application can be made at the NRCan site at this link for the XRF exam and this link for the EDO exam.  If NRCan is unable to process your application in time for the course date, you can always take your exam at IR on a future date.

Exam at a Future Date

If the course at IR is held before NRCan can process your application, or you are not ready to take the exam yet, we also offer online exams at both of our locations on future dates.  You will be able to select three date options to write your online exam and IR will try to ensure we are able to accommodate the date requested.  Application for this scenario can also be made at the NRCan site at the links shown above.

Other Exams Too

In addition to the XRF and EDO exams, we also offer a full array of other NRCan exams, for all methods including ET, MT, PT, RT, UT, VT, EDO and XRF.  Applications for those exams can be accessed from this page.

We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions about applying to take an exam at IR, please contact Jessica Gillam (Edmonton) at or Andreia Zois (Burlington) at