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IR Introduces Innovation from Skygauge Robotics

New Partnership Brings Ultrasonics to Next Level


October 10, 2023

Edmonton, Alberta—IR Supplies and Services is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Skygauge Robotics, manufacturer of ultrasonic drones for the non-destructive testing industry. 

Drones have become an integral tool for getting work done in challenging situations.  Now, with patented technology from Skygauge Robotics, non-destructive testing with ultrasonics can be done in the most difficult circumstances.  Inspection with drones means that limitations often experienced can be overcome.  Precise ultrasonic readings can be made comfortably from the ground, in real time.

“We pride ourselves on bringing innovative solutions to our clients,” said Robbie VanHoek, vice president at IR.  “When we met with the folks at Skygauge there was little doubt that their technology produced the next-level product that many of our clients will benefit from.  We’re very excited about our partnership with them and are proud to be able to bring it to market in Canada.”

Inspection at any angle and on any surface are two of the benefits provided by drones from Skygauge.  Features such as a close-up camera, force sensor, and couplant dispenser are just the beginning.  Leveraging well respected brand products that are integrated into the drones, rounds out the picture.

“IR is the industry leader in providing NDT equipment for the Canadian market” said Nikita Iliushkin, chief commercial officer at Skygauge Robotics. “Their industry knowledge and relationships combined with our innovative approach to drone-based UT will set a new industry standard for NDT.”

“Finding ways to enhance our clients’ businesses makes our work satisfying,” reflects Ian Hewitt from IR.  “We are already having conversations about this product and the excitement it creates gives us the feedback we need.  It’s taking ultrasonics in the right direction.  This technology will help overcome situations that might have prevented inspections at the highest standard, and it’s doing it with the least amount of risk.”

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