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Act now!  Here’s the opportunity.

Sources…beat the rush!

Before we get started telling you about our incredible year-end promotion, we’d like to get an important message out of the way.  Every year around this time we like to remind you that there is a risk in waiting to order your sources in January.  The simple reason is that it is the busiest time of year for sources, and there is a chance that we won’t be able to fulfill your order when you want it.

To avoid that, we encourage you to buy your sources in December.

Now we get that some folks worry about decay of their sources over the holidays.  That isn’t an issue when you buy a source from IR.  Sources from IR have more curies than you’d expect; they have more than what they are listed as.  You’re further ahead with a source from us.  Contact us to make your order today.

Now, let’s talk about our year-end promotion…

2022 Year-end Deal

So, what’s the opportunity?  There are a few parts to it, and we’re confident you will want to take advantage of them all.  Let’s break it down:



Offer Ends December 30, 2022



Bonus Offer with Purchase Of 880



When You Buy an 880 Delta



Act Now for Great Savings


Like we said, it’s quite an opportunity.  Read on for details.  Or better yet, give us a call.

Get 0% financing.

When our team gets together to talk about the great solutions that we want to bring to you, we begin the conversation with the question, “what do our clients need?”  We must be honest.  We’ve noticed that some of your source projectors are starting to show their years.  That’s why we’ve decided to include the 880 Delta source projectors from QSA Global in our financing promotion.  Make a purchase and take delivery of an 880 Delta before December 30, 2022, and you can take advantage of the 0% financing promotion.  Imagine, starting the new year and the next job with a new piece of equipment from the brand you know you can count on.  Take away the uncertainty of equipment failure, which is not something you need during the first job of the year, or anytime for that matter.  We have limited stock available for this promotion, so contact us to set things up while they are still available.

Dispose of your old unit for free.

If the idea of getting a new 880 Delta with 0% financing made you say, “Yah, but what about the added expense of a disposal fee?”, then we’ve got you covered.  We will waive the disposal fee when you purchase a new 880 Delta on the 0% financing plan.  Who can say “no” to free stuff?  But wait, there’s more.

Buy an 880 Delta.  Get a free source.

Here’s yet another reason to help anyone thinking of buying an 880 Delta with their decision.  It’s a bit of an incentive.  Actually, it’s a big incentive.  If you buy an 880 Delta on the 0% financing plan before December 30, we’ll throw in a standard source for free.  That’s right…a free source.  Contact us to make your order today.

Save with 2022 pricing.

We’ve always been transparent with you when a price increase is around the corner.  We do this because we want to be sure you can take advantage of lower prices while they are still available.  We also do everything we can to avoid the price increases, and we always pass our savings onto you when we can.  That is the case now.  The price of source projectors will be going up in the new year.  That’s another good reason to take advantage of our end-of-year promotion.  Once we flip the page on the 2023 calendar to February, the new price will be in effect.  Remember though, we have a limited number of 880 Deltas available for this promotion, so it’s best if you contact us and start the conversation today.