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Santas Anonymous 2021

Now Accepting Donations

Santas Anonymous 2021

In past years, clients living near our Edmonton location have been extremely generous in joining us with donations to Santas Anonymous.  Gifts were brought in for kids of all ages and collected for delivery to Santa’s Depot.  On that day we took great pride in delivering those parcels of hope and joy on your behalf, so that they could be distributed to less fortunate children around the city.  Together we brought happiness to families that might otherwise have gone without.

Now It’s Official

We always did these donations on an unofficial basis.  For 2021, we decided to change that.  Earlier this year we made application to join the Santas Anonymous organization as an official donation site.  Now we will welcome gifts not only from the clients that support this great cause, but by kind individuals in the general community.  We are extremely excited to be able to take this up a notch.

Donations Times Two

As always, we consider our role as being more than just a collector of gifts.  We do what we can to make the donations really count.  For every gift that is received at the IR donation box, we will match it.  That means on delivery day, our trucks and cars are really packed with more than just a little goodwill.  We do what we can to stretch the giving even further.

Ideas for Gifts

We’ve received some great inspiration from the good folks at Santas Anonymous on the types of gifts that could really count.  They tell us that they are often short of gifts for infants to 2-year-olds and for 9 to 12-year-olds.  If you’d like some inspiration for children of all ages, they’ve posted this great list on their website.

Teens Count Too

Let’s not forget about teens.  For those who can’t come by and see us, or simply don’t have time to shop, we are also accepting cash donations.  The money raised will be directed to Adopt-A-Teen, a well-established charity that has been making Christmases merry since 1999.  As with the gift donations, we will match your contributions dollar-for-dollar. 


Now Accepting Donations

Let’s work together to make a difference during the holiday season.  Drop by or call our Edmonton office to make your donation in time for Christmas.