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Christmas at IR: Celebrating with You


2020 has really turned things around for all of us on many fronts.  We are discovering new ways to approach our everyday activities as well as our holiday traditions.  For us, Christmas at IR is one of them.

Traditionally we give to a few charities, and we have always invited you to join us.  For the past few years, one of the charities we partnered with you on was Santas Anonymous.  Many of you came into our Edmonton showroom to drop off a gift, or called in with a cash donation, which we matched with one of our own.  After the gifts were collected they were delivered for distribution to children in need. 
We also participated in gift and card exchanges, again with your generosity.  Finally, we celebrate among ourselves.  The staff at IR shares a meal with each other every December, where we reflect on the year’s efforts.  It’s a chance for our team to take a well-deserved break and be thankful for our good fortune in having clients like you.

Charities for 2020
This year has been a struggle for many, and we feel more strongly than ever that our communities need our support.  Not only will we be donating to Santas Anonymous again this year, but we will also be giving to a few other charities as well.  We are funding this with the same budget that we have drawn on in past years.  Plus we are redirecting the money we would normally spend on client gifts and cards. Since public health measures disallow social gatherings this year, we will also be redirecting the money we would normally spend on our staff celebration.
Your Generosity
We have received gifts and cards in the past and we thank you for your kind generosity.  For 2020 we hope you will consider redirecting the funds you would spend on gifts of appreciation to instead help those in our communities.  Below is a list of the charities we are focusing on this year, along with information on how donations can be made.  We are sure you have your own list of charities too.  However you wish to celebrate Christmas 2020, know that we value our relationship with you and you have our deepest thanks.
Our Charities of Choice
Edmonton Food Bank
The Edmonton Food Bank provides food for over 20,000 people each month.  Donations may be made by participating in their Holiday 50/50 draw, Magical Christmas Music Gala Silent Auction, or with a cash donation that can be made electronically at this page.
Adopt-A-Teen Edmonton
Adopt-A-Teen is a Christmas gift program of the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton that provides a $50 Walmart gift card for Edmonton teens aged 13 to 17 years. Teens, who must be registered with the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton, can be living independently or with a family.  Fundraising may be done one of three ways, or donations may be made electronically on their website
Santas Anonymous
Santas Anonymous has a simple wish to see every child receive a new toy at Christmas.  Donations may be made by either dropping off a toy or making a cash donation online.  Please note that IR will not be a collection point this year, so please make your donations directly through the program.
The Burlington Food Bank
The Burlington Food Bank supports people in need on several fronts: grow, collect, purchase, sort and distribute.  Of the 929 individuals they assisted this year, 42% were children.  There are many ways to donate, including monthly giving.
Christmas Tree of Hope & Operation Santa Claus Toy Truck
Both charities are a part of the Children’s Fund, which supports over 40 charities, and have been benefitting the Burlington community for many years.  Options for donations may be found at this link.