Teledyne ICM CP120B Beam Directional Power Supply Battery

This ultra-light, compact and battery operated constant potential portable X-Ray generator is the perfect tool for specific NDT applications that require repetitive short exposures. Its versatility also makes it the ideal piece of equipment for security applications. In fact, in combination with the FLATSCAN15, the FLATSCAN30 and other digital X-ray detectors, the CP120B will – thanks to its small focal spot and constant potential X-ray output – enhance image quality and definitely contribute to a reduced exposure time.

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Radiation geometry Directional
Output voltage range kV 40 to 120
Tube current range mA 0.1 to 1.0
Tube current at full output mA 1.0
Maximum power at the anode W 120
Constant power mode Yes
Steel penetration mm 10
Weight (exluding hand rings) Kg 7.5
Overall dimensions mm Ø 124 x 476
Leakage dose at 1 m at full output mSv/h < 2.0
Optical focal spot according to EN12543 mm 0.8 x 0.5
Maximum useful angle ° 50 x 50
Inherent filtration mm Equiv. 3.5 (Al)
Waterproof level IP54
Operating temperature °C -25 to +50
Storage temperature °C -40 to +80
Guard rings No