Carestream INDUSTREX Single Part Developer Replenisher

USD $84.29

Ideal for 5 minute automatic or 4 minute manual cycles for processing of all NDT films. Carestream’s single part developer replenisher is an all-in-one developer and replenisher; it is only necessary to add water to the proper dilution.


High chemical stability‚ÄĒincludes consistent image quality over an extended period of time. Great with automatic processors, providing consistent image quality and ease of use.

  • High chemical stability for image quality over time, improved resistance to aerial oxidation, clean-working formula
  • Reduced packaging, less solid waste
  • Strengthened activation power allows for fast processing and high productivity
  • Outstanding, consistent image quality‚ÄĒcold (blue) image tone and low granularity
  • Reduced environmental impact‚ÄĒlower COD and BOD5 (5-days biochemical oxygen demand)
  • Concentrated (single part) liquid developer provides ease of use

Click here for MSDS 5315288

Additional information

Weight 29.8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 13 × 6.5 in