Carestream INDUSTREX M37 Plus Film Processor

The Carestream INDUSTREX M37 Plus film processor is ideal for automatic processing in mid-volume facilities. While compact, it offers the output you need and the excellent image quality and reliability you demand.

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The M37 Plus incorporates all the experience and features you’ve come to expect from the INDUSTREX line of products for NDT applications. The processor ensures totally automatic film handling and supports nine programmable-controlled processing channels that allows for flexibility in your day-to-day NDT film production.


• Ease of operation with nine programmable-controlled processing channels
• 43cm processing width
• Economical medium-range processor with capacity of 33 sheets/hour (35cm x 43cm) in the recommended processing cycle
• Compact design for smaller labs or environments
• Filtered developer solution that reduces film artifacts
• Intermediate rinse rack bath system
• Can be used in stand-alone darkroom or through-the-wall installations
• Automatic film-in detection utilizing a pulsed infra-red sensor bar
• Automatic replenishment system for developer and fixer
• Automatic heating for developer and fixer
• Automatic anti-oxidation and anti-crystallization cycles
• Separate drainage for developer, fixer and wash chemicals
• Factory fitted replenisher tank level control assemblies with a plug connection into the processor
• Incoming water temperature sensor – beeper alarm when wash water temperature is outside programmed range
• Enhanced cold water cooling system
• Unit pre-configured with connection fittings to simplify installation of optional external chiller
• Automatic wash water top off at start-up