3E Xpress Flex DR Panel

Xpress Flex is the world’s first flexible digital x-ray detector that can be contoured around an object for direct contact of the imaging area. Its hinged design allows the TFT detector to move freely while not impacting image quality or product durability. This flexibility means the detector can be shaped around more complex objects eliminating distortion that can come from using a flat DR panel.  It comes in the original 10 x 36 cm size along with 10 x 24 cm and 10 x 43 cm.


The Xpress Flex is lightweight which makes working with it in the field easy. The TFT detectors are rugged and sensitive enough to capture images using even low exposures. Isotopes with low curies (less than 30) still produce weld quality images on the Xpress Flex, allowing you to keep your sources longer and reduce the exclusion zones dramatically.


  • Flexible detector that can be used on complex shaped objects
  • Full contact on larger circumferences
  • High sensitivity = lower exposure dose
  • Smaller radiation exclusion zones due to lower dose exposures
  • Allows for extended use of low curie gamma sources
  • Wireless communication (with optional tether included)
  • Battery powered (batteries and charger included)
  • Light weight compact design
  • Easy to use XVu® software platform
  • Sleep mode for low power consumption
  • Ultra tough shock-proof composite material
  • Pixel Pitch: 140 μm or 100 μm based on model
  • No film or chemicals