Technical Papers

IR is always looking for new ways to share information about the changes within our industry. We often come across, or create, technical papers that contain useful information about changes and new technologies in the NDT industry.

CR: Can It Work in the Canadian Oil Patch?

This paper examines a direct comparison of digital CR imaging versus analog film, on a large diameter pipeline project constructed in January of 2016. The trial was undertaken to examine  production capabilities and image quality of CR digital images.

Practical Considerations and Effects of Metallic Screen Fluorescence and Backscatter Control in Gamma Computed Radiography

This paper shows how the physical interaction between gamma rays and front metallic screens can yield a significant boost in signal and whether that increased signal is, in fact, beneficial or detrimental to image quality.

Non-destructive Evaluation Utilizing Imaging Plates for Field Radiography Applications

This presentation reviews the basic principles of storage phosphor imaging plates. Usage, criteria, and guidelines for optimum image quality and maximized overall use cycles will be discussed for various imaging plate types. A comparison of film and computed radiography imaging plate technology is presented.