Source & Service Special

In 2021 we are doing things a little bit differently.  We’ve made a couple changes with you in mind.  We continue to give you access to the industry’s top of the line sources.  We do that at competitive prices; you won’t get this quality for this price anywhere else in Canada.  Plus we are making it a bit more interesting.  Here’s what we are doing.

The Promotion

Starting March 1, 2021 you will get service with your source purchase.  That is, for every single source that you purchase, we will give you a $200 credit for use in our service centres.  The services that are included in the special are maintenance on controls and guide tubes as well as calibration on any instrument that we take in.  You decide how you want to use the credit.  There’s no hurry.  You have until the end of 2022 to take advantage of it.

About Our Sources

The sources at IR are supplied by QSA Global.  We are the exclusive distributor for QSA Global in most parts of Canada.  It’s a partnership that ensures the best in sources and exposure devices are available to the NDT clients that we serve. 

Working with QSA Global for our sources means both quality and availability of sources are second to none.  Processes are in place to ensure there is a constant supply.  That means we can fulfill your order quickly.  If for some reason we get busier than usual, we are set up so that we can get new stock within days. 

About Our Service Centres

Our service centres aren’t a secret by any means.  Many of our NDT clients regularly take advantage of the services we offer.  Whether it is maintenance, calibration, or a repair, there is a broad range of products that we support.  Our goal is to have the expertise to service any of the products we carry.  If we don’t, we help you get access to someone that does.

What Does the Credit Cover?

The Source & Service Special credit of $200 can go toward maintenance on controls and guide tubes, as well as any calibration.  It does not include repairs or maintenance on exposure devices however.  The special starts March 1 is on until the end of 2021.  The $200 credit is valid until the end of 2022. 

See You Soon

The Source & Service Special is available at either of our locations in Edmonton or Burlington.  It’s where you get service with your source.  Give us a call at 855-737-2689 or email us at, to order a source or book with one of our service centres.

Cost of shipping is extra. Offer available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.