Test Bar for Yoke 10 lb

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W-PT Test Bar for 10 lb AC Yokes

The Pull Test is the fastest way to verify the operation and specification compliance of MPI Yokes. The W-PT test bar is easy to use with AC yokes weighing 10 pounds or 4.6 kg; when just one bar is required. Several bars are conveniently stacked and fastened together for the DC yoke method, illustrated to the right.

Requirements vary depending on the Reference Specifications.

ASME Section V, Article 7 Requires 40 Pounds or 18.2Kg

ASTM E709 and E1444 Requires 30 Pounds for a Pole Spacing of up to 4” and 50 Pounds for a Pole Spacing up 6”

All W-PT’s have serial numbers and are supplied with Certificates of Compliance.

Additional Information on Usage

Testing MPI Yokes is usually done with the Legs Straight for ease of the test. Leg Spacing should have no effect on the Lifting Force of any Yoke (AC, AC/DC, 12Volt, Cordless, or Permanent Magnet), as the losses in the Leg Hinges is the same if they are straight or adjusted to 90 degrees. The bottom of your feet must remain flat and in full contact with the pull test bar during use. This may require tightening of the Leg Hinges, or by cutting a small piece of wood (non-metallic) to fit between the fully extended legs. However, the legs should be loosened when testing, so the operator can be mindful of the ‘Contact’ with the workpiece. Pull Testing is fast and easy with any AC Yoke, however operators must be mindful of Pole Spacing with DC Yokes. Works with virtually all specifications.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 3 × 2 in