Teledyne ICM SITEX CP200DS Portable X-ray Generator

The small focal spot (1 mm) of the Teledyne ICM SITEX CP200DS portable X-ray generator minimizes un-sharpness and gives clearer images, which makes it ideal for digital radiography (DR) when close X-ray shots are possible.  It is a light and powerful generator (200 kV) with a metal-ceramic tube which turns it to be the best power-to-weight ratio in the world.  The 100% duty cycle combined to its built-in multiple X-ray outputs carousel make the CP200DS one of the most versatile generators on the market that will adapt to a very wide variety of NDT applications.

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Teledyne ICM’s SITEX CPSERIES has been designed with a view to revolutionizing the handling and performances of portable X-ray sets. Despite having managed to halve the weight of similar portable X-ray generators available on the market (while continuing to provide the same power output), the SITEX CPSERIES generators feature a shutter, a laser pointer, a beryllium window, an aluminum filter and two integrated diaphragms (customized sizes are available upon request). Without compromising the robustness and reliability for which ICM products are renowned, the small size and light weight of the SITEX CPSERIES will radically change the way that you perform your RT inspections. And you will see a positive impact in terms of both quality and return on investment (ROI).


The CP200DS, like the rest of the CPSeries product range, operates with the plug-and-play POWERBOX control unit.

ICM has designed the first ever ‘Plug & Play’ control unit for portable X-ray generators. This outstanding innovation features two graphic vacuum fluorescent displays and MIL-DTL 26482 connectors.  Light yet robust, it provides a multifunctional position handle and a highly intuitive menu.  The POWERBOX is shockproof, safe and reliable, even in harsh, cold, warm and dusty environments.

Its broader power range (from 90V to 264 VAC) voltage selector means that this small and robust control unit will operate from practically any main power network in the world. In addition, its 0.99 power factor means that it can operate with the most commonly used sets available on the market.  It will even be possible for the POWERBOX to take its energy from a car battery by simply using a small additional DC/AC converter.