Teledyne ICM SITEX C3005 Portable X-Ray Generator

Teledyne ICM’s SITEX panoramic portable x-ray generators are built on a simple and effective principle.  All SITEX units contain a rod anode. This is the focal spot that is outside the SF6-insulated high-voltage generator. As maximum advantages are derived from this ideal configuration, for one and the same thickness, the volume of lead required for standard radiation protection is considerably reduced.

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PERFORMANCE: A high-efficiency heat exchanger has been developed in collaboration with the Institute of Thermo-mechanics at the University of Liege. This results in the possibility of a 100% working cycle under completely safe conditions, whilst simultaneously reducing the anode temperature by 50%.

ENSURING PERFECT HOMOGENEITY: The SITEX panoramic x-ray tubes come equipped with a patented automatic system of beam correction. Perfect homogeneity is ensured thanks to a real time feedback loop adjustment and the EMR value achieved on the films is < 5%.

For more information see manufacturer’s brochure: Teledyne ICM SITEX C3005 Portable X-ray Generator

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