Sontatest Creo Slim Scan T2 Scanner

The Creo Slim Scan T2 from Sonatest has been developed to allow full encoded scans of studs and bolts where there is limited access.  Slim Scan can quickly be attached by the magnetic stop locating on the flats of the nut.  The magnetic stop is adjustable to accommodate all nut sizes between 65mm to 128 mm A/F.  This covers the metric sizes M42 to M90, Imperial sizes 1 5/8″ to 3″.


The magnets on the stop can be adjusted via the integral slide bringing the magnets our further by 15mm.  This is useful where the stud protrudes further through the nut meaning the magnet contact area would not be in full contact with the nut flat.

Slim Scan T2 probe holders are easy to swap in and out, clipping onto the scanner’s slide rails.  The probe offset can be fully adjusted.  Once set the holder can be locked into place using the locking wheel on the probe holder assembly.