Skygauge Drone

Inspecting tall infrastructure is expensive and dangerous. It requires skilled workers to scale a building on ropes, or the use of expensive assistive devices like scaffolding and manlifts. In all cases, human lives are at risk.  The Skygauge does away with all that. Your inspection team remains safe on the ground, sending up a drone to complete the inspection in hours instead of days. There is no need for manlifts, scaffolding, or rope access.

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The Skygauge can inspect any asset regardless of its shape. The drone can pivot to any point in 360 degrees around it, including directly above and below.  Accessing a high altitude inspection point using conventional methods is difficult. You will need to assemble scaffolding, position a manlift, or set up a rope access installation over the course of days or weeks, then decommission it after the job is done. Using the Skygauge, the team is set up and ready to go in just 15 minutes, with no equipment to haul, set up, or tear down.  When you conduct a Skygauge test, we save a report with the exact position and force applied during each test, storing it in the cloud. This means that your Skygauge can conduct an inspection on that piece of infrastructure 5, 10, or 20 years later, and run tests in the exact same place with the exact same precision and force exertion.