Maintenance and Repair

We Service What We Sell

NDT equipment sees some of the harshest climates and conditions in the world. We know maintenance and repairs are inevitable and we want our clients to know they can count on us when they need their equipment the most. Our team can tear down and rebuild 880 exposure devices and remote controls with military precision, and in short order – often while you wait.

We offer in-house maintenance and repairs at our specialized service centre. Our radiography service department can perform almost any repair including swaged fittings and re-tipping control cables. Our technicians are trained by the manufacturers themselves and have unparalleled knowledge in fixing NDT and radiography equipment.

Service Centre

Our service centre is equipped with the best tools and technicians to handle your equipment. We have access to client records, so there is never miscommunication about warranties, certificates, or minor details.

We have the ability to customize, maintain, calibrate and repair most if not all of the equipment we sell. Our repair and maintenance staff have experience with digital RT systems, x-ray generators, gamma ray equipment, flaw detectors and just about everything else you can think of.  If your equipment is not performing as it should, let the staff in the service centre at IR have a look. In the unlikely event that we can’t fix it, we will make sure that it gets to the people who can.

Emergency Repair? No Problem

We do everything in our power to get your equipment back up and working properly. Since we do in-house repairs, our service is quicker than average. We perform in-house services on:

And much more!

If it’s NDT equipment, we likely repair it and maintain it. If we don’t, we will help you get it back to the manufacturer for the service it needs.

Service With Reports and Certificates

Let us know if you require a maintenance report or certificate when you book your service. We can provide reports and certificates that meet ISO /IEC 17025 requirements for some of our products.  Many of our test materials and calibrated tools are directly traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Client records are kept indefinitely, so if you lose or misplace a record for maintenance that was performed by us, we will be able to replace it almost immediately.


NIST Maintenance and Repair


ISO Maintenance and Repair


Product warranties vary depending on the item and manufacturer. To learn more, check out our client support section. To book a maintenance or repair service, contact us.