The SG NDT Nano S2G2 (nS2G2) is the smallest instrument ever conceived by SG NDT.  It was designed for the inspection of wide diameter cast iron pipelines.  Remote field ARRAY technology simplifies data analysis with C-Scan image display. Defects are detected in a more precise manner, to determine their exact location and size; width and depth to facilitate access to difficult to reach sections.  The acquisition card saves the data it collects on PC or memory card, which can be downloaded once the probe has completed the inspection and been removed from the pipeline.

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Remote Field Array technology works with a variety of ferrous pipe detections (steel, cast iron, ductile cast iron), and defects as shallow as 20% from the wall thickness. Technology performance depends largely on 3 factors: pipe material, probe fill factor (the relation between the exterior diameter of the probe and the interior diameter of the pipe) and probe stability within the pipe. Probes are also sensitive to ID and OD defects. Other tools may be used to distinguish identification defects from OD defects, much like remote visual inspection. A general traction speed of 5 meters per minute is employed.