Sensor Networks Ultrasonic Contact Transducer F Fingertip

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Single-element contacts are longitudinal-wave (straight-beam) transducers designed for general purpose manual ultrasonic inspection where test materials are relatively flat and smooth. They provide high sensitivity for better penetration, small-flaw detection, and have abrasion-resistant wear plates for extended service life.


Sensor Networks’ ultrasonic contact transducer F fingertips are small diameter transducers with side-mounted microdot connectors. GP series* offer the best combination of sensitivity and resolution for most applications. HR series* are highly damped for applications where high resolution is required. C series* have piezocomposite elements and offer superior penetration in highly-attenuative materials. All Model F transducers feature an ergonomic design for improved operator control and comfort.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in

2.25 MHz .25" GP, 2.25 MHz .375" C, 2.25 MHz .5" GP, 3.5 MGz .375" C, 5 MHz .25" GP, 5 MHz .375" GP, 5 MHz .5" GP, 5 MHz .5" HR, 5 MHz .5" C