SciAps Z-70 LIBS Analyzer

The material identification (ID) market faces several challenges with the technology available, including accuracy and reliability, cost, and sample preparation. The SciAps z-70 LIBS analyzer solves these issues. It is an economical solution to material ID testing for real-world samples. Applying the same leading technologies implemented in some of the bestselling LIBS instruments in the market, SciAps Z-70 utilizes a powerful milli-Joule laser. Testing dirty, oxidized, anodized and painted samples is no longer an issue because the laser eliminates the need to grind each piece of material before testing. The Z-70 blasts through surface contamination making sorting more efficient. The Z-70 is an easy to use, rugged, quick, highly repeatable, and economical material ID instrument that revolutionizes this market.


The SciAps Z-70 uses a 6 mJ laser, over 50 times more powerful than typical material ID instruments that operate at 25-60 μJ. The additional power enables surface cleaning of the material before analysis. The other advantage is gating, which reduces the background noise of the sample and gives a clearer spectrum to better analyze different materials that micro-Joule laser
instruments have struggled with in the past.

Another advantage of SciAps Z-70 is the air pump. It keeps dust away from the quartz window allowing the spectrometer to analyze the emitted light properly. Other LIBS instruments in the material ID market frequently have issues with dirty windows, which impede results. The Z-70 is designed to keep the instrument operational, reducing the need for users to perform maintenance. The easy-use design has a swift start up time without the need for drift correction. However, instead of sending the instrument back to the factory every time
the instrument needs a drift correction, SciAps supplies standards for drift correction empowering the customer to work out issues when they occur instead of waiting weeks to ship off the instrument for a simple adjustment.

The Z-70 LIBS is designed for ease of use. It is a simple point and shoot tool that gets the job done right. Even if the Z-70 is calibrated for only 1 base, it will not allow users to mismatch bases or give strange results. The Z-70 will identify uncalibrated bases by the base actually tested. If the material being tested is not in the library, SciAps Z-70 allows users to customize the grade library to their material ID testing program.