Rare-Earth Magnets

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Rare-Earth Magnets

Until you have actually used rare-earth magnets, you cannot appreciate their strength. Rare-earth magnets achieve maximum attractive force when sandwiched between two pieces of steel. (Select “Acc” in the table below to view our cups, washers, and discs.)

The 1/4″ diameter by 1/10″ thick magnet will lift a 2-1/2 lb block of steel; the 1/2″ diameter one will lift a 9 lb block – see the chart at right. It all has to do with the electron array in the neodymium, the rare earth they are made from.

There are hundreds of uses for these magnets – from holding keys or wrenches on machines to making fridge magnets. Nickel plated with slightly rounded edges, they can be glued in place with almost any glue (epoxy is the most secure). Sold individually.

The 3/4″ and 1″ dia. magnets are so powerful that only people with very strong hands can separate them without using an aid of some kind. This presents a handling problem for us, so we sell them only in bundles of five, with instructions for simple separation methods.

The 3/4″ magnet will lift a 22 lb block of steel and the 1″ size, a 30 lb block. The odd one may have a minor chip in it since collisions can happen easily at these power levels. 

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1/4×1/10" Single, 1/2×1/8" Single, 3/8×1/10" Single, 3/4×1/8" Pack of 5, 1×1/8" Pack of 5


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