PH Tool IIW-Type 2 Block

The PH Tool IIW-Type 2 is a modified version of the original IIW-Type 1 design. It includes a 2.0″ radius x .250″ deep cut-out superposed on the 4.0″ radius for distance calibration. It also includes numbers 3, 5 and 8 through holes (3/64″, 5/64″ AND 8/64″ diameter) for sensitivity testing or surface wave inspection, and distance calibration marks to the 2.0″ hole. The IIW-Type 2 is in accordance with International Institute of Welding, ASTM E164 and U.S. Air Force NDI Manual T.O. 33B-1-1 specifications.  Dimensions are 12.0″ x 4.0″ x 1.0″.  A metric version is available.

Available in aluminum, steel, stainless steel and special alloy.

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Standard test blocks are non-representative tools, meaning that they are not manufactured from actual parts. Rather, they are a simplified design that contains manufactured discontinuities such as holes, angles, radii and more. Standard test blocks serve the purpose of standardizing and calibrating test equipment to ensure it is functioning properly.

All test blocks ship with a NIST-traceable certification report stating that the block meets applicable specifications.

Optional fitted, wooden storage case also available.

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Calibration Block

Imperial 1018 Steel, Imperial 4340 Steel, Imperial Aluminum, Imperial Stainless Steel, Imperial Special Alloy, Metric 1018 Steel, Metric 4340 Steel, Metric Aluminum, Metric Stainless Steel, Metric Special Alloy


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