Peltec X-stand

This tube stand is designed to be a free standing tube holder for the industrial x-ray market. The X-stand will work with Comet or Varex industrial x-ray tubes form the range of 160kv, 225kv, 320kv, and 450kv. The system will also work with portable x-ray units like the comet evo series, lorad, and eresco. Tubes specification will need to known prior to order.

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The system also features an electric tube positional which allows the end-user to adjust the tube height to a desired position. The adjustable tube is capable of achieving a maximum height of 104 inches down to 20 inches. The tube holder also has the capabilities to rotate the tube 180 degrees for angle shots. The system can operate in a vertical or horizontal beam direction. The system also has an extend feature that lets the boom extend 24 inches.

System power is 110Vac and the tube manipulator is controlled by the attached remote handle.

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