Microtek NDT-2000 Film Digitizer

The NDT-2000 film digitizing system is a down-to-earth digitization solution developed exclusively by Microtek for using in NDT/RT industry. This is a modified model from the MII-900 Plus which is able to provide better industrial digitizing images. Used together with AccuScreen PRO software, an image analyzation and management software, it is capable to offer more effective solutions for NDT/RT business which want to step into the field of digital management.

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Along with retaining great functions of the original MII-900 Plus, such as 1200-dpi (21μm) optical solutions, 16-bit grayscale and exclusive AFF and multi-channel trays, NDT-2000 adopts better optical density via innovative image technology and therefore it can enrich image layers and meet with high requirements about image quality from the NDT/RT industry.


  • Equipped with 1200 dpi resolutions, 4.5D optical density and 16-bit grayscale
  • Green LED improves image capturing efficiency
  • Optional AFF and multi-channel tray enhance working efficiency
  • Maximum scanning area is up to 14”x200”, supporting most sizes of industrial films
  • Bundled with multi-functional image management software, including functions of file building, searching, measuring, annotating, zooming, report making, saving and burning; meeting with the DICONDE standard
  • Supports image formats of DCM, BMP, JPEG and TIF
  • Supports both lossy and lossless compression formats of JPEG 2000