Magnaflux Magnaglo AX-52 Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor

USD $582.41

AX-52 is a water-soluble corrosion inhibitor developed specifically for water-based magnetic particle suspensions. It provides excellent corrosion inhibition to protect parts and equipment from rusting.

Available through special order. Contact IR to place your order.


When using water as a magnetic particle vehicle, metal parts can be protected from corrosion by using AX-52, which comes as a clear to amber liquid. AX-52 dissolves quickly in water, and can be used in all wet method water baths to improve the corrosion protection.


  • Protects parts and equipment against corrosion
  • Mixes quickly into water
  • Great for areas with hard water

Ideal For

  • Water-based magnetic particle suspensions
  • Extra corrosion inhibition

For more information, see manufacturer’s product sheet:  Product Sheet – Magnaflux Magnaglo AX-52 Water Soluable Corrosion Inhibitor


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