Magnaflux M-Series Mobile Power Packs Electromagnetic Current Generator

The Magnaflux M-Series mobile power pack portable current generators facilitate testing of large and abnormally heavy parts with magnetic particle inspection. Magnaflux understands some parts cannot be moved so the magnetizing station needs to be brought to the part. The M-series offers a solution by providing an adaptable mobile unit. These units feature AC or Half Wave DC output. Find out more at

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M-Series magnetic power packs are available in three configurations: M-2030, M-2040 and M-2060.


  • Ability to easily move the unit to the part for inspection
  • Convenient hook on back side of unit to wrap cables after use, saves space as well as keeps cables lasting longer without being dragged along the floor when moved
  • Can add-on a 15 ft / 4.5 m remote control cable for energizing from a distance (part no. 622124)


  • Digital meter display
  • Two bus bars for connection
  • Push button switch for AC output
  • Push button switch for HWDC output
  • Push button switch for mag – momentary–magnetizes as long as button is pushed
  • Push button switch for demag – One touch auto cycle and switches to decaying AC automatically
  • Push button switch for power on/off
  • Push button switch for pulse – 1.5 sec on, 3 sec off for 30 sec
  • Infinitely variable current control
  • Two (2) fixed heavy-duty casters
  • Two (2) swivel casters with locks
  • Lift hooks for extra unit mobility
  • 115 volt convenience outlet (10 amp)
  • Thermal overload for circuitry protection
  • PLC circuitry for extra reliability
  • Secondary current control
  • Flow through cooling for heat dissipation
  • Solid state switching (AC to HWDC)