IQI Plaque and Hole Type Penetrameters

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Image Quality Indicators (IQI) or Pentetrameters are available in wire type or plaque and hole type. We carry IQI in common materials such as stainless steel, copper and aluminium.



Imagine Quality Indicators (IQI) Plaque and Hole Type Penetrameters

Image quality indicators (IQI) in plaque and hole type come in common materials such as Stainless Steel (FE), Copper, and Aluminum. IQI are also available in wire type and in special materials like Titanium, Inconel, Monel and Nickel. Please contact us for special material rates.

Quality Assurance and Certification

All of our IQI carry test certificates with respect to wire diameter, hole diameter, material and code specifications. All of our measuring instruments are calibrated and are traceable to NBS.

Wire Type IQI As Per EN 462 – 1 & DIN 54 109

Stainless Steel (FE), Copper, and Aluminum.


Additional information

Weight .0625 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × .125 in

5 Stainless, 10 Stainless, 10 Titanium, 12 Stainless, 15 Stainless, 17 Stainless, 20 Stainless, 25 Stainless, 30 Stainless, 35 Stainless, 40 Stainless, 45 Stainless, 50 Stainless, 60 Stainless, 80 Stainless, 100 Stainless, 120 Stainless, 160 Stainless, 200 Stainless, 6 Stainless, 6 Aluminum, 11 Stainless, 22 Stainless, 7 Stainless


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