Exposure MagStand and ViseStand

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The Exposure MagStand and the Exposure ViseStand offer the best of strength and flexibility.


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The MagStands have a versatile ball and socket joint, and can perform 360⁰ rotation from well below the position of the magnet to 90⁰ above it. The magnet turns on and off mechanically – no batteries necessary – so you don’t have to carry reminders of the last job back to the shop. Magnetic debris simply falls off when you switch the magnet off. Made entirely of corrosive resistant materials, rubber, plastics, and stainless steel, you may very well pass this on to the next generation of technicians.

When you’re working with small diameter pipe and need more certainty than a MagStand, the Exposure ViseStand is the perfect solution for you. It has tremendous flexibility with a ball and socket and a stainless steel extendable arm.  It offers the same range of motion but offers the security of multi-adjustable vise grip pliers.

Our Exposure MagStand comes in two magnetic pull strengths: 500 lbs for standard Iridium applications and 1000 lbs pull strength for tough bond conditions and larger loads, such as long guide tubes.


Additional information

Weight 10.2 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 7 × 6 in

MagStand 1000 lbs, MagStand 500 lbs, ViseStand