Creative Electron TruView Fusion X-ray Inspection System

The TruView™ Fusion X-ray Inspection System is the most versatile X-ray machine on the market today. Capable of inspecting samples up to 20”x20” the TruView™ Fusion A can be powered with a variety of sources to get the power and focus required to match your application. When powered with a transmissive X-ray source, the TruView™ Fusion can achieve magnifications up to 2,000x.

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The TruView™ Fusion comes in four standard configurations: TruView™ Fusion A for automated or manual inspections, the TruView™ Fusion LED for large format LED panels (20”x48”), the TruView™ Fusion AXI for inline applications and automated identification of defects, and the TruView™ Fusion CT for your 3D X-ray (computed tomography) needs.


  • Versatility to match many applications
  • Up to 180kV microfocus X-ray source
  • 20”x20” sample table, fully viewable
  • Choice of detectors to match your need
  • Powerful and intuitive automation and analysis


Creative Electron brings specialized X-ray cabinets to Canada, for use in NDT, electronics, aerospace, military, automotive and more.  Contact us to find out more about standard or customized solutions.

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