Comet XMB 160 Mobile X-ray System

The mobile XMB X-ray system from COMET is easy to handle and perfectly designed for dealing with challenging inspection jobs at power plants, on aircraft structures, and in the petrochemical industry. Our mobile X-ray solution supports high voltage cables with lengths up to 20 meters, and combined with a compact metal ceramic X-ray tube mounted on the flexible high voltage cable, it performs excellently in challenging environments in narrow and hard-to-reach areas.

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Nominal voltage: 160 kV

Max. power: 640 – 2250 W

Focal spot, EN: 0.4   5.5 mm

The constant potential XMB X-ray system supports a wide range of high-quality X-ray tubes, both directional and panoramic variants, with different sizes of focal spots. The modular design of the mobile system means it can be easily adapted to deal with diverse inspection jobs in confined spaces, just by changing the X-ray tube. The XMB is fully compatible with both film and digital imaging and can be used for a large range of difficult tasks without compromising your workflow.

The XMB is available in 100, 160, and 225 kV variants and is operative from 7.5 kV up to a maximum of 225 kV, with an extremely high X-ray power of up to 2.25 kW. The system features a broad mA range from 0–20 mA depending on the chosen system and X-ray tube. The versatile XMB high-performance system will give you the competitive edge by reducing exposure time and creating a smarter workflow.