Comet Lead Cone Package

Comet lead cone package for EVO portable generators minimizes unwanted scatter radiation to the surroundings, which is important when keeping the safety area to a minimum.

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Workplace efficiency is increased when x-ray emission is focused through the Comet lead cone, reducing the area that needs to be vacated to one-third, depending on the application and local safety regulations.

The lead cone package consists of a lead cone, additional filters, an adapter flange and a light-weight tube stand. The lead cone is manufactured for 10 x 48 cm films with a 700 mm film focus distance.  The lock system on the mounting bracket makes the lead cone easy to fasten. The lead cone can be rotated 360˚ in the mounting bracket.  The light-weight tube stand, included in the lead cone package, makes positioning easy.


  • Film focus distance: 700 mm
  • Film size: 10 x 48 cm
  • Weight: 6 kg

For more information see the PXS EVO Accessories Brochure.


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