Comet EVO 300DSW Directional Tube Head

Designed and built-in Denmark; the EVO systems are comprised of the best components and assembled with the utmost care – making them reliable, long-lasting, and a sound investment. They are fitted with a high-quality metal ceramic X-ray tube, and the robust composite casing now protects all vital parts even better. The systems meet the IP65 standard, making them fully operational in dusty and wet conditions.


Nominal voltage: 300 kV

mA adjustment: 0.5 – 4.5 mA

Weight: 31 kg

Beam type: Directional

Max. X-ray power: 900 W

Focal spot, EN 12543: 1.0 mm

Smarter workflow – it’s light-weight and easy to handle

All directional EVO tube heads are available in a hybrid cooled version, based on a water-cooled anode combined with an air-cooled cathode end. The EVO series directional tube heads are available in 160-300 kV versions, all available with 1.0 mm small focal spot and the 225-300 kV variants also with 3.0 mm focal spot, in order to cover a broad range of applications.

High performance – due to its technical capabilities

The hybrid cooling concept features 24/7 continuous exposure at up to 900 W X-ray output power, in ambient temperatures up to +30°C – making the EVO water-cooled series a perfect choice for integration into production lines with 24/7 operation, in confined spaces without free airflow for cooling, or in extreme climatic conditions where long term exposures are required.